Kanata Festival on Turtle Island City of Vancouver

Kanata Festival on Turtle Island. City of Vancouver. Venue. Larwill Park. The Kanata Festival is a 13 day festival running from June 19-July 1st.. this was the first day of a 13 day festival ,It takes place on the traditional unceded territory of the Coast Salish people, in Larwill Park, bounded by Cambie & Beatty streets and Georgia and Dunsmuir streets in downtown Vancouver, BC. so I will be back over the next while to check out whats happening.

I came to the Festival very early in he day expecting it to start at 10:00 in the morning. they were so no ready and it was interesting to watch them scramble to get things ready for the public. I was blessed with the opportunity to be their when they had the blessing for the Festival, then watched the opening ceremony rehearsal. You will see pics from this rehearsal and then again the same group in all heir regalia performing for the Festival opening. All in all I spent about 5 hours here today and enjoyed every moment.

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